Software and wizards

A variety of software is available that can help you to organise your readings, notes and referencing information. Some are freely available (eg. Zotero and Connotea) and others are provided by the University of Auckland's software site licence and can be used by UoA students and staff (eg. EndNote and RefWorks).


RefWorks is the primary reference management tool supported by the University of Auckland. RefWorks allows you to create your own web-based database of references. You can access RefWorks from home or University and build up your references by entering them yourself or importing them in from many of the databases available at the University of Auckland. You can then insert these references into your assignments/papers and format the paper in the citation style you require. RefWorks also has sharing capability to enable you to collaborate with colleagues or fellow students. The University of Auckland has an institutional subscription to RefWorks.

For accessing RefWorks visit the Library's RefWorks website


EndNote is a software package that allows you to format your reference list(s) and in-text citations automatically, once you have entered the specific details of your sources into your personal EndNote library. In each record you can include specific quotes, graphs and even your own notes in addition to the information needed to reference the source correctly. It also enables you to organise your references and compile your own research collection. This is a valuable resource that you can use throughout your university career and even after you finish your degree.

The University of Auckland has purchased a licence for EndNote that enables staff and students to use this product; it is installed on the majority of University computers. For more information on EndNote, plus a link to download it, visit the Library's EndNote page.


The links below will take you to sites that will make your reference for you!

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