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Acknowledging influences is a practice shared across cultures.
Academic culture fosters respect for the intellectual contributions of others through referencing.
What students and staff say about academic referencing
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  • Q: You include references in your writing to:

  • Q: Your friend is confused about what academic integrity actually means. You tell them that academic integrity is:

  • Q: You have an assignment to submit and although you are generally happy with it, you thought that you would ask a friend for feedback. Is this acceptable or is it cheating?

  • Q: You are preparing a report for your course. A classmate offers you a list of good journal articles on the topic. Can you use them in your report as well?

  • Q: In your coursework you need to post to weekly discussions. However, you can't think of something that hasn't already been said, so you rephrase someone else's post. Your lecturer says this is unacceptable. What could you do to help provide original content?

  • Q: Attending tutorials is worth one grade mark each. One day you have another commitment and cannot be there. You ask your classmate to sign the attendance sheet for you, knowing that they will inform you what was discussed later. Is this acceptable?

  • Q: You are sitting a class test and you notice the student next to you is trying to look at your answers. What is the right thing to do?

  • Q: You must sit an online test and you thought you would meet with your study buddy to sit the test together, to help each other with the answers. You study together all the time so this is okay, right?

  • Q: In your online exam, you realise that one of the essay questions is very similar to an assignment you wrote during semester. Is it acceptable to reproduce a couple of paragraphs word for word to save time?

  • Q: You are struggling to finish your French language essay. The lecturer said it is okay to use a dictionary so you decide to write some sentences in English and use Google Translate to convert them into French. Is this okay?

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