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ACS - book

ACS (American Chemical Society) is a numbered endnote style used in the sciences, particularly Chemistry. Numbers placed within your writing direct the reader to the corresponding references at the end of your essay (endnotes).


References (endnotes) are placed in numerical order at the end of your essay. They include the authors' names, details of the works cited, and relevant page numbers.

For a numbered edition, place the abbreviation after the book title, e.g., ‘2nd ed.’ This part should not be italicised. Use ‘Rev. ed.’ for revised editions and ‘Abr. ed.’ for abridged editions.

Place of publication, give the city and state code for America (St Louis, MO), and city and country for all others (Auckland, New Zealand). If it is a major city in the world just put the city, e.g., London, New York, Paris and Rome.

Note: reference the source as an e-book if it was accessed online.

One author

Two to ten authors

Eleven or more authors

Unknown authors

Editor as author

Chapters by different authors in an edited book

Chapters by the author of the whole book

Entry in a dictionary/encyclopaedia

In-text citation

Put an endnote number in your text to show when you are using another person's ideas or words. This number directs the reader to the reference list, containing information about the work you are citing.

  • ... has been recently identified.1

If you are making a direct quotation, use quotation marks.

  • Stumm and Morgan observed that "the chemical compound had ionized."2

If the same source is referred to more than once within your text, repeat the number. If you are expressing ideas that have originated from more than one source, separate the numbers with commas, or use a hyphen if referring to several endnotes. A number following the full stop/period applies to the whole sentence.

  • ... in alkyl sulphates such as sodium lauryl sulphate3,5-7 and diethyl sulphate6. Chew and Maibach3 also noted that the compounds showing promise were those in the C12 - C14 range.

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