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Chicago - book

Chicago (footnote & bibliography) style uses in-text citations, footnotes and a bibliography. The advice on QuickCite follows Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition) guidance for referencing using shortened footnotes with a full bibliography.

If your work does not require a full bibliography, or your lecturer requires the full footnote style, please see the Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition) for appropriate footnote formats.

In-text citations

Add a superscript number in your text to show when you are using another person's ideas or words. 

... as described by Cowan, this has only recently been identified.

Footnotes and bibliography

The in-text citation directs the reader to a note (footnote) at the bottom of the page. The footnote contains information about the source you are citing. When citing the same source again, use the shorter footnote format.

Footnotes are placed in numerical order at the bottom of the page. On a new page, footnote numbering continues. In a new chapter, footnote numbering starts from 1.

Add a full bibliography to the end of your essay. This is a list of all sources cited in your work, arranged alphabetically by author's last name. If your work does not require a full bibliography, please see the Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition).

In the bibliography, specify which edition of the book you have consulted, as shown in the examples below.

In your bibliography, cite electronic sources (such as e-books and e-journals) in the same way as the print equivalent. Add either the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) eg. doi:10.1080/1057356030207 OR; the stable URL; or the database name at the end of the bibliographic reference.

One author

Two or three authors

Four to ten authors

Eleven or more authors

Organisation as author

Unknown author

Edited book


Citing the same source again

Bibliography for the Chicago section of Referen©ite

The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2017.

For further information please consult this source directly.


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